It’s called “reality”

There’s room to debate policy, but not facts. Or at least, there didn’t use to be. You can show someone a report they don’t understand and refuse to agree with unless it can be cut and pasted to conform with their ideology, but it’s easier to just bash Colin Kaepernick and deny reality.

Reality is harsh. We have major problems almost no one wants to even think about, let alone deal with, and if the problem is slow and insidious, like anthropogenic climate change, it’s easy for us to keep putting off doing anything constructive about it.

Scientists and activists…

One day I realized I was lying to people who didn't care about me or what I was saying, and the feeling was mutual. It's absurd, but an easy habit to slide into. Some lies smooth out relationships or protect people's feelings (if there's no way for them to change whatever is wrong with them, why pile on?), but most of my lies were completely pointless, so now, if I'm not sure I should say something, I just keep my mouth shut, and try to be as forthcoming as possible.

I see these memes on Quora, and a two second fact check is enough to disprove 99% of them.

One about AOC claimed her trauma was fraudulent, and that she wasn't even in the Capitol building, but failed to mention she was in the building across the street, and never claimed to have been in the Capitol. She was close enough to hear people chanting death threats against her, but no one reads past the meme, and of course this post had thousands of upvotes and comments about AOC being a fool.

In high school in the early 90s, I worked with an adult who washed dishes full time. He could afford a decent apartment, and managed to save enough to travel the world every four or five years.

Even in the late 90s, it was possible to get by working full time on minimum wage. Now, many employers deliberately keep their workers under 35 hours so they don't qualify for any benefits, not even a paid sick day.

It's an up and down path, or a constant battle between self-improvement and self-destruction, and the latter is more fun, at least while it lasts.

Good luck and keep working on it, I'm sure you'll make it.

Chapter 11 of Iron Manimal

I woke up to gentle chimes. The screen was blinking at me. It asked me to please step out into the corridor to collect my breakfast. I hadn’t ordered anything, but people had to eat. There must have been a default setting.

A wheeled cart was waiting for me. Maybe the floor of the elevator could be inclined to roll the cart out. Maybe a person or a chimp had rolled it out, but it would have made more sense, at least to me, to have rolled it closer to my door.

There were fresh…

I was in the Peace Corps, and learned Tongan, the most useful language in the world.

Now I live in Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC, and I can understand Spanish, but always answer in Tongan, because something in my brain is broken.

I was also a math tutor, but I ended up teaching Latin to one kid, and the little I remember does help w/ other languages, mortui solem finem belli verdirunt.

Fhilo probably sounds like Philo, etc.

This is a bit of blatant self-promotion, but it isn't my fault you have so many followers, and I'd like your opinion on this, and maybe make a few pence in the process:

The Skull Island Times > Divine Advice > Divine Advice For Black Superman

Original drawing by R. Klemek

H. Seitz June 14, 2021 0 Divine Advice Calvin Ellis, David Duke, Derek Chauvin, Final Crisis, George Zimmerman, Jesus, Kalel, Pontius Pilate, Satan, Superman

Dear DA,

Being Black Superman isn’t easy. I’m only 33, and I’ve already gone through five alter-egos because the cops keep shooting me. Every time I drive through a white neighborhood and hear sirens, I think “oh shit, here we go again.”

I’ve been a plumber, a doctor, a lawyer–I even joined the Merchant Marines and somehow, a…

I like my manager and immediate bosses, but the corporation I work for is so enormous there's no way to complain to anyone who has power, and it's designed to be this way. After working 93 10-12 hour shifts a day in a row, I told my manager that I wanted a raise, and to never come into the office again. We've proved at this point that working from home is feasible.

The only moves available to me are lateral, but I might make one if I have to go back into the office. And the only reason my job's…

After working as a proofreader and editor for over ten years, I’ve seen the worst copy you could possibly imagine. Illegible edits on 4-point font, upside down and out of order with no banners or folios; old copy with new edits written on top of the previous ones, and in one case, hard copy that was photographed on a smartphone and emailed instead of uploaded into the scheduler. The customer service agent had literally mailed it in.

Each client has their own style, and it often defies the rules of typography. These jobs are un-conformed, with dashes left open, or…

Harry Seitz

Writer, Recently Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Click here for books:

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